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Wos Speaks

Dec 13, 2017

Wos and DriftGlass discuss his early work in the public sector back in Chicago, what its like to live amongst the enemy (GOP Voters) out in the sticks, the problems with centrist/mainstream media coverage of our current politics, the Alabama Senate race, the genius that is MR ROBOT, and much more.



Drift Glass

1:00- Intro

3:00- Drift Glass background

7:30- Escaping the Liberal Bubble

11:00- Working in the Public Sector

15:20- Government Spending

18:50- US Deficits

22:50- Conservative America

26:40- Alabama Senate race

29:00 Disowning politicians

30:30- Political Media Hires

40:40- Waking up the GOP Base

50:00- Hillarys Indictments

53:05- Mr.Robot

58:30- Listen to Drift Glass at or read at